Patent News for Saturday 9th October 2021

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Oct 09th 2021

1. Autostore's patent dispute could lead to a $170 million attorney bill - E24 - ModularPhonesForum


The document notes that a “worst-case” scenario is that Ocado will invalidate Autostore's patents, which could affect the company's sales. If Autostore is ...

2. Frank Jackson Obituary (2021) - Harrisburg, PA - Patriot-News


He held numerous patents and collaborated with many colleagues to coalesce concepts to reality - a particular talent. Many of his ideas now impact numerous ...

3. Hyundai Patents Steering Wheel With A Screen Right In The Middle - Todayuknews


Screens are pretty much everywhere these days. Since smartphones and tablets are pretty much the norm, looking at and interacting with screens seems second ...

4. Why Pfizer Will Profit From Merck's Rival Pneumococcal Vaccine | The Motley Fool

Domain: | Companies: Pfizer, Merck

Pfizer and Merck recently settled a lawsuit related to Pfizer's patents for pneumococcal vaccines. Pfizer will receive 7.25% royalties on Merck's vaccine ...

5. IPBC Europe in Dublin brought patent value issues to the fore - IAM Media


One way might be to look at how investors view patents when they are assessing decisions about whether to put money into companies. Listening to Greg Chew, ...

6. India Amends Patent Rules and Reduces Fees by 80% for Educational Institutions -


... published amended Patents Rules, 2021, to amend the 2003 Patents Rules. ... institutions to apply for more patents, and bringing India a step closer to ...

7. Sharp Settles Patent Fight Before It Hits Chinese Court - Law360


"While we license standard essential patents for communication technologies to various leading companies, we are pleased ... with this agreement," Sharp ...

8. Fed. Circ. Groans At Idea Of 3rd Apple-WiLan Patent Trial - Law360


Those patents cover technology used in voice over LTE wireless communications technology, including that used in various iPhones, according to court filings.

9. Apple Seeks Win Or Retrial After $300M 4G LTE Verdict - Law360

Domain: | Companies: Apple

Apple argued the jury in the second trial was erroneously instructed Apple infringed all five of the patents-in-suit at the first trial, when the first jury ...

10. Hyundai Patents Steering Wheel With A Screen Right In The Middle -


Hyundai Patents Steering Wheel With A Screen Right In The Middle. Hyundai wants to reinvent the (steering) wheel. Hyundai steering wheel screen patent.

11. Apple has been Granted Four Design Patents for their All-New AirPods Pro 2 Case ...

Domain: | Companies: Apple

I've been writing about Apple patents, trademarks and designs for over 12 years now and Apple has never, in such detail, let a future design of anything ...

12. New Suzuki 700cc parallel-twin patents emerge online | Visordown


Patents have emerged to show a bit of progress from the 2013 Recursion prototype, and it's looking promising! A 700cc twin motor will give Suzuki the chance to ...