Patent News for Wednesday 3rd November 2021

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Nov 03rd 2021

1. The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 11.3.21 - Richmond BizSense


A computer readable medium for wireless solicitations, ice release coatings and an infant carrier holder are a few of this week's patents.

2. Huawei rumored to sell off server business in light of ongoing US sanctions -

Domain: | Companies: Huawei

Can't steal Patents or risk paying for infringement. Rating0 |; Reply; Report ? Anonymous; TL%; 3 hours ago. pangolinpanda, 13 hours agoSo they're ...

3. PTAB Strategies and Insights - October 2021: Potential Pecuniary Interest In Instituting More ...


Unified Patents, LLC (Newman, Schall, Dyk), have been decided. Both cases, in the end, were remanded under the Supreme Court Arthrex ruling.

4. Ermenegildo Fiorentino Obituary (1931 - 2021) - Jenkintown, PA - Legacy Remembers


Mr. Fiorentino worked as an engineer and inventor. He held several patents for the automation of processing equipment. He was a member of Holy Saviour ...

5. UKIPO Consultation on AI & IP: Copyrights and Patents - National Law Review


UK's Intellectual Property Office UKIPO launched a consultation entitled Artificial Intelligence and IP: copyright and patents, which closes ...

6. Nike Files Virtual Trademarks for the Metaverse |

Domain: | Companies: Nike

In the applications, Nike says it plans to use the patents for “downloadable virtual goods, retail store services featuring virtual goods and ...

7. What Kind of Attorneys Does a Tech Company Need? |


A company that has patented many of its products may want an intellectual property lawyer specializing in patents. Likewise, if your company is ...