Patent News for Sunday 7th November 2021

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Nov 07th 2021

1. Apple Is Working on a Non-Floating Magic Keyboard for iPads - Beebom

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Along with the 2020 iPad Pro, Apple launched a new Magic Keyboard that holds the iPad in a floating position. We saw Apple SVP Craig Federighi ...

2. Nintendo patents a wireless adapter for mobile devices - Bestgamingpro

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Nintendo patents a wireless adapter for mobile devices ... This week, rumors about an in-development Warner Bros. game began to spread online. It wasn't ...

3. Sony's PSVR 2 Release Date Revealed? - Bestgamingpro


Not all trademarks are successful, of course, but it's worth noting that trademark patents are filed on a regular basis and not all of them come ...

4. 2020: one patent granted in Energy | Carbondale Reporter


The earliest patent filed which was granted in November belonged to Bruce Rodgers who filed on Sept. 27, 2017. The number of approved patents in the ...

5. Patent office approves 1 patent for Lombard innovators in week ending Oct. 31


The patent was for a conveyor belt monitoring system and method. The patent was filed on May 7, 2020. The number of approved patents in the U.S. grew ...

6. Week ending Oct. 31: 1 patent granted in Oak Brook | Dupage Policy Journal


The patent was for a stevia composition, production method and uses. The patent was filed on Sept. 24, 2015. The number of approved patents in the ...

7. What patent granted in Rosemont in August took the longest? | North Cook News


The patent application was filed by Riddell, Inc. for a football helmet. It was filed on Mar. 25, 2019 before being approved on Aug. 3. Though patents ...

8. Top 10 largest paid-in-full PPP loans provided to small businesses in 2020 in ZIP Code ...


There were three patents granted in Fulton in 2020, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This is no different.

9. ASX Health Stocks: USCOM jumps 12pc on China patent, while Next Science gets TGA nod


“These are our first issued Chinese patents, and it's appropriate that they are for our flagship USCOM 1A product,” commented Uscom executive chairman ...

10. The Weizmann Institute of Science Ranked Eighth in the World for Scientific Performance ...


... was also ranked among the top 25 research institutes or universities in the world for its scientific impact (citations) and patents awarded ...

11. Inline Process Refractometers Market Technology, New Innovations, Forecast Report to 2027


By Company , K-Patents (Vaisala) , Atago , Schmidt + Haensch GmbH&Co , A.KRUSS Optronic GmbH , Anton Paar GmbH , EMC , Maselli Misure , MISCO ...

12. Leahy, Tillis launch WDTX attack; $650mn CRISPR IP deal - IAM Media

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Five major platforms – Aon, Cipher, Google Patents, RPX and Unified Patents – adopt standardised patent identification format to reduce ...

13. Guy Explains Ridiculous Level Of Attention Apple Puts Into iPhone Packaging -

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From having patents just for its phone's packaging to having spending hours crafting the perfect unboxing experience, Apple does it all.

14. Great Inventors are Industry Outsiders and Must be Protected -


... judicial interpretations of Section 101 and the “abstract idea” concept, infringers have shot after shot to invalidate the patents they stole.

15. InLaw: DABUS decision makes Australia look like a champion of innovation not a chump ...


The DABUS decision has brought the newly introduced Patents Act object statement into sharp focus. Justice Beach J considered, in detail, the ...

16. Patents Joining The Hot NFT Market? - Intellectual Property - United States - Mondaq


Connecting blockchain to patents can also create more transparency in patent transactions, which are often an opaque process, said Ian McClure, the ...

17. Realme patents what looks like an under-display camera phone - News


OEMs might ditch the punch-hole for smartphone selfie cameras in favor of under-display technology instead. Now, patent images allegedly created ...

18. PATENTS AWARDED - The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


Patents awarded to Arkansans. Nov. 2, 2021. Patent 11,160,230 B2. Rice Cultivar 'CLL15'. Issued to Xueyan Sha of Stuttgart.

19. Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents: Vol 31, No 11


Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents. Publishing reviews and patent evaluations covering recent patent claims/applications on compounds with ...