Patent News for Wednesday 10th November 2021

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Nov 10th 2021

1. Auto experts use Apple patents to create interactive 3D model of what the Apple Car might ...

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It uses several patents to imagine a fully customizable dashboard of controls and information, as well as a version of Siri that acts as an ...

2. Even in a flat economy, the UO continues to spin off innovation | Around the O - University of Oregon


And the university brought in $9.1 million in licensing revenue from patents and copyrights, placing it among the top universities in the United ...

3. Here's what the Apple Car might look like, according to car experts - BGR

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Car experts collected all of the available Apple Car patents to create an interactive 3D model of the car that you need to check out.

4. Innovation: one patent granted in Altamont in 2020 | East Central Reporter


The earliest patent filed which was granted in October belonged to Bank Resources, Inc. who filed on March 8, 2018. The number of approved patents in ...

5. Acacia Research Announces Licensing Agreement for Wi-Fi 6 Patents - Yahoo Finance


Acacia Research Announces Licensing Agreement for Wi-Fi 6 Patents. Wed, November 10, 2021, 6:20 AM ·3 min read. In this article:.

6. Can C-Beauty Brands Cultivate Loyal Consumers? | Jing Daily


For instance, Yatsen Group only has 38 license patents, while Procter & Gamble files 3,800 licenses yearly. Local beauty brand marketing expenses ...

7. How long did St. Charles inventors wait for patents granted in September? | Kane County Reporter


It was the only patent approved in September from St. Charles. Though patents are required for inventions and products, the granting of a patent is ...

8. Moderna And NIH Tussle Over mRNA Vaccine Patents | Kaiser Health News

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Moderna And NIH Tussle Over mRNA Vaccine Patents. Also, the U.S. government buys another $1 billion work of anti-covid pills from Merck.

9. Microsoft patents a new folding mouse - Market Research Telecast

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Microsoft patents a new folding mouse. By MRT on November 10, 2021. Those of Redmond have a wide range of products in the hardware section.

10. Campaign against patent laws 'causing barriers' to life saving Covid-19, TB, HIV and cancer drugs


The organisation says patents are barriers to affordable medicine for severe diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, mental health, diabetes and ...

11. Flexible screens aside; Microsoft patents “foldable mouse” - Mobitrends Kenya

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Flexible screens aside; Microsoft patents “foldable mouse” ... A newly published patent has come up showcasing designs for a Microsoft Arc-like mouse ...

12. Ford Patents Cooler Cable for Faster EV Charging - Motor Illustrated


New tech from Ford and Purdue University researchers would better cool the charging cable, letting more power flow and faster charging.

13. J&J Loses Bid for Agency Review of Alcon's Eye Surgery Patents - Bloomberg Law


A Johnson & Johnson unit failed to convince the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to take another look at two patents on lasers used in cataract ...

14. Apple Loses Bid to Challenge Qualcomm Patents After Settlement - Bloomberg Law

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Apple's settlement of a patent dispute with Qualcomm precludes it from pursuing efforts to invalidate patents in the case, a U.S. appeals court ...

15. Case: Patents/Anticipation & Obviousness (P.T.A.B.) - Bloomberg Law


Case: Patents/Anticipation & Obviousness (P.T.A.B.). Nov. 9, 2021, 2:07 PM. The Patent Trial and Appeal Board determined that challenged claims of ...

16. Case: Patents/Obviousness (P.T.A.B.) - Bloomberg Law


Case: Patents/Obviousness (P.T.A.B.). Nov. 9, 2021, 2:06 PM. Challenged claims of Proxicom Wireless LLC's patent generally concerned with ...

17. The NIH and Moderna Are Fighting Over Who Owns Their Vaccine - New York Magazine


“Patents are development monopolies, and in a pandemic it is a terrible idea to have a private corporation have a monopoly on part of a lifesaving ...

18. H. R. 5874: Restoring America's Leadership in Innovation Act of 2021 | Patently-O


... similar inventions and discoveries are patentable, and that those patents are enforceable.” This includes statutory revision of Section 101.

19. RingCentral boosts full-year revenue outlook; buys Mitel's IP rights and patents (RNG)


RingCentral (RNG) up over 20% after yesterday's third-quarter results beat top and bottom-line (adjusted) estimates.Revenue grew 37% on the year ...

20. 2030: Apple patents deleting malicious avatars - Tech News Inc

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Halina Kobev The fact that default avatars can communicate with each other in the same (default) setting seems like a distant future, but Apple is ...

21. Analog's Raka Singh has 13 patents in computer vision algos - Times of India


Four of her patents were in the fields of video compression, and reduction in noise (interference from factors like radiation). Noise and motion in ...

22. Indian Origin Scientist—Mihir Metkar, Primary Contributor to Invention of Moderna's Covid ...


... government may be entitled to receive a share of royalties from the use of the patents and also be able to allow others to make the vaccine.

23. How many patents granted in Romeoville in 2020? | Will County Gazette


Patents included a multifunctional coated powders and high solids dispersions. The earliest patent filed which was granted in May belonged to ...

24. Jim Lafevers Obituary - The Daily Ardmoreite


Throughout his career, he served as an engineer in the banking, software, and airline industry where he owns several patents centered around the ...

25. Moderna COVID-19 vaccine patent dispute headed to court -US NIH head says - Devdiscourse


... and the agency intends to defend its claim as co-owner of patents on the shot, NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins told Reuters on Wednesday.

26. 4 Ways to Significantly Reduce the Cost of Obtaining New Patents and Managing IP - Entrepreneur


Such solutions may be free to use if there are no active patents protecting, or they may need a license from patent owner (which could still be ...

27. Standigm files PCT patent application of AI-d | EurekAlert!


Meanwhile, Standigm has filed a total 18 of patents on the company's AI-driven drug candidates, including the one for repurposed mitochondrial ...

28. ORNL's Amy Elliott receives ASTM International Additive Manufacturing Award - EurekAlert!


She also holds several patents and licenses including a method for 3D metal printing and additive manufacturing of aluminum boron carbide metal ...

29. Eyenovia Reports Third Quarter 2021 Financial Results - GlobeNewswire


Eyenovia now has a total of 13 patents for the technology in the United States and over 80 international patents. Dr. Sean Ianchulev, Chief Executive ...

30. Managing patent risk: why proactive engagement costs less - IAM Media


Patents protect products, prices and profits. Experts know that patents owned outside their own organisation pose an existential threat to each of ...

31. Judge Upholds UK Power to Set FRAND Terms -


A judge has affirmed the ability of the UK courts to settle FRAND terms of a patent license covering foreign patents, despite the defendants ...

32. Patent Filings Roundup: In a Slow Week, IP Edge Hits Amazon on Cryptographic Keys and ...

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The patents come originally from a defunct company called Geocodex LLC, and buck the usual IP Edge modus operandi by opening against one of the ...

33. Why Are Patents Important In A Post-COVID World? - Intellectual Property - Luxembourg - Mondaq


Luxembourg: Why Are Patents Important In A Post-COVID World? 10 November 2021. by Mathieu Buchkremer. Dennemeyer Group. Your LinkedIn Connections with ...

34. Apple won 46 patents today covering the Apple Store's Modular Wall System and "Occlusion ...

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 46 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we ...

35. New Sony Patent Points To Implementing AI That Learns From Player Data - PlayStation Universe


Sony patents plenty of interesting concepts, some of which come to fruition, and some that don't – this latest patent could fall in either ...

36. Alcoa patents zorba upgrade technique - Recycling Today

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Alcoa patents zorba upgrade technique. Metals producer says its Astraea process can convert zorba into high-purity aluminum.

37. Acacia Research (ACTG) Announces Licensing Agreement for Wi-Fi 6 Patents -


Acacia Research Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTG) today announced that its subsidiary, Atlas Global Technologies LLC, has granted a license to Samsung ...

38. Moderna, US government at odds over COVID-19 vaccine patent - The Denver Channel


However, according to The New York Times and The Washington Post, Moderna filed patents that leave off the names of the government-funded ...

39. Visualised: cars created by tech giants - Vanarama

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Using genuine patents filed by Apple Inc., we've created a vision of the anticipated Apple Car and how it might look on launch. Click below to explore ...