Patent News for Thursday 1st July 2021

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Jul 01st 2021

1. SparkFun's CEO vs. patent troll


... to a handful of patents and then sue anyone they feel they can get money from," writes Nate Silver, founder of the electronics company SparkFun.

2. OpenAIRE | patents | Find research Content Providers


Content providers filtered by: Content "patents". Discover worldwide research content providers and correlated research.

3. Case: Patents/Contempt (Fed. Cir.)


Case: Patents/Contempt (Fed. ... Access Masters LLC for infringement of patents for a vehicle barrier system with illuminating gate arm and method.

4. Case: Patents & Trade Secrets/Pleadings (SD Tex.)


Case: Patents & Trade Secrets/Pleadings (S.D. Tex.) July 1, 2021, 4:47 PM. A federal district court in Texas granted Offshore Pipelines and Risers Inc.

5. DexCom Claims Abbott Infringes Glucose Monitoring System Patents


The five patents in the case involve things like factory calibrations on the sensors, a seal to make the sensor water resistant, and automatic ...

6. Samsung Takes Down Parts of Medical Imaging Patent at Board

Domain: | Companies: Samsung

Samsung asked the board to review several Cellect patents after Cellect sued the company in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado for ...

7. Bald-Faced Attempt to Manipulate Venue Rejected


The asserted patents were previously fully owned by Ikorongo Tech. However, before suing, Ikorongo Tech geographically divided the patent rights.

8. Tanla Platforms subsidiary secures patent for invention related to commercial communication


Tanla Digital Labs, wholly-owned subsidiary of Tanla Platforms has been granted patent under The Patents Acts, 1970 and rules made thereunder, for ...

9. Samsung and LG Leading Patent Registration in South Korea

Domain: | Companies: LG, Samsung

Samsung Electronics topped the list with 19,588 new patents, followed by LG Electronics (16,236), LG Chem (10,985), Hyundai Motor Company ...

10. Germany splurges on high-tech investment in bid to lead world


In 2010, Germany was among the three countries with the most world-class patents in 47 out of 58 technologies, but its share has more than halved to ...

11. South Africa: Is Ramaphosa Tripping Over A TRIPS Waiver? – Analysis


Should seizing the patents of COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers be the focus in dealing with an urgent crisis? By Peter Fabricius*. Can a TRIPS waiver ...

12. ERS Genomics Licenses CRISPR IP to Nippon Gene Co


The IP is separate from genome editing patents held by the Broad Institute. Nippon Gene manufactures genetic engineering research reagents and ...

13. Colgate Patents Antibacterial Oral Care Compositions


Colgate Patents Antibacterial Oral Care Compositions. US Patent No. 11,013,677 B2 covers formulation that reduce staining. Colgate Patents ...

14. Confidence in Biden's patent policies tumbles, according to new IAM survey


Concerns are growing about the impact the Biden Administration will have on patents, according to the latest IAM Panels Report. In response to the ...

15. Chinese patent invalidation trials need not be a 'mad scramble'


Editor's note: Last month, IAM published some takeaways from Unified Patents senior patent counsel Jessica Marks based on the firm's experiences at ...

16. Everything you need to know about SCOTUS' Minerva ruling on assignor estoppel


... ramifications, the US Supreme Court has significantly narrowed the scope of the doctrine that prevents assignors from challenging patents in court.

17. Innovations in Corrosion and Materials Science (Formerly Recent Patents on Corrosion Science ...


Innovations in Corrosion and Materials Science (Formerly Recent Patents on Corrosion Science) · Issues [12] · Fast Track · Supplementary Data.

18. Post-Arthrex USPTO interim process creates new options for director review, but parties must act ...


It is an avenue worth considering for important patents that stand invalidated, but the USPTO and the Federal Circuit could find that the constitutional ...

19. 'The Sky is [Not] Falling,' Federal Circuit Urges as it Continues to Dismantle Broad Pharmaceutical ...


2021), which found that Amgen's two patents covering the cholesterol-lowering antibody drug Repatha® are invalid for lack of enablement. For more ...

20. Fed. Circ. Says Modified Gate Arm Doesn't Violate Patent Deal


... used in entry-restricted parking lots doesn't infringe a rival manufacturer's patents in a way that violates a settlement deal between the companies.

21. Fed. Circ. Faults Albright's OK Of Patent 'Venue Manipulation'


Days before the suit was filed last year, patent owner Ikorongo Technology LLC assigned the four patents at issue, which cover ways to share ...

22. Caffitaly wins reversal of invalidity ruling on one of three coffee pod patents


Coffee capsule machine manufacturer Caffitaly has saved one of its coffee pod patents from a finding of invalidity, in a partially successful appeal of a ...

23. Henry R. Angel


He invented and earned several patents for technology that revolutionized serology. From that humble beginning in the basement, Henry, with Sue by ...

24. At a glance: pharmaceutical merger review in China


In practice, we are not aware of this kind of merger notification solely involving the acquisition of patents or licences. Market definition. How are the ...

25. Divisional Patents in India: Strategic Impacts of Restrictive Divisional Practice


For patent attorneys, filing and prosecuting patent applications in foreign countries can be a fraught process. Each country has its own unique set of ...

26. Happy birthday to the German Federal Patent Court!


... the German Federal Patent Court decides appeals against decisions by sections and departments of the DPMA regarding patents, trade marks, ...

27. Teva and Eagle try to block Bendeka generic


Teva and Eagle Pharmaceuticals are suing to block a generic version of its leukemia drug Bendeka (bendamustine), arguing its patents still have ...

28. 'Policy Matter': Rajasthan High Court Dismisses Plea For Compulsory Licensing Of Covid Vaccine


They urged that the Central Government be directed to issue compulsory licence for vaccines under Section 92 of the Patents Act. It was further urged ...

29. Masimo accuses Apple of patent infringement

Domain: | Companies: Apple

Apple claims the Series 6 watch can measure arterial oxygen saturation. The importation and sale of that product infringes multiple Masimo patents (as ...

30. MEI Pharma Announces Inducement Grant under Nasdaq Listing Rule 5635(c)(4)


... competitive factors; our inability to protect our patents or proprietary rights and obtain necessary rights to third party patents and intellectual property ...

31. Indian Patents Sophisticated Radar & Camera-Assisted Safety System


According to the patent applications, the Indian radar safety system has 2 rear-facing radars mounted on a bike's panniers. They are angled to cover ...

32. Supreme Court Rules that Inventors Can Contest the Validity of Patents After Assigning Them


Supreme Court Rules that Inventors Can Contest the Validity of Patents After Assigning Them. Thursday, July 1, 2021. In a decision reaching all ...

33. Apple Won a Patent in June showing their use of Ultra-Wideband Technology will eventually go far ...

Domain: | Companies: Apple

The focus of one of Apple's key granted patents was AirTag and how it could guide a user with an iPhone to find a device using an arrow UI system as ...

34. Masimo: ban Watch 6 sales, as Apple poached our staff and stole our oximetry patents

Domain: | Companies: Apple

In any case, its David vs Goliath, and, even if Masimo's blood oxygen monitoring technology patents are validated by the court or the patent office, Apple ...

35. Pepex Biomedical, Inc.


... of enzymatic biosensor technology, recently received approval on a series of patents granting the Company exclusivity on a number of methods and ...

36. Dignity's Journey


Larson and Johnson secured several patents and formed Dignity Medical Devices in 2006. Johnson: “It was a strange ten years in a way because we ...

37. Apple sued by medical device maker over Apple Watch Series 6 pulse oximetry

Domain: | Companies: Apple

The patents Masimo holds are currently under investigation by the US Patent and Trademark Office after Apple alleged they don't cover new inventions.

38. Taiwan's TSMC, Foxconn, Inventec ranked amid top 100 intelligent manufacturers

Domain: | Companies: IBM

The three companies hold 218, 165, and 140 relevant patents, respectively, according to the report. At the top of the PatSnap rankings are IBM, Siemens, ...

39. Optomec receives patents for 3D micro-printing technology


Optomec has received new patents covering the use of Aerosol Jet for producing three-dimensional micro-structures at resolutions down to 15 micron.