Patent News for Friday 3rd June 2022

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Jun 03rd 2022

1. US to probe Taiwan IC designer for patent infringement


... the same parts which contain the alleged stolen patents in question. ... that infringe patents asserted by the complainants, the USITC said.

2. Manju Sheth and Mandy Pant-Jharna Madan Duo Present Woman of the Year Gala as ...


She has published 20+ technical papers in prestigious VLSI conferences and journals, has two issued patents and five pending patents.

3. How Much To Patent A Product In Usa? - Malaysian Digest


Patents are an important form of intellectual property protection, and the cost of obtaining one will be determined by the type of patent (provisional ...

4. Case: Patents/Anticipation & Obviousness (P.T.A.B.) - Bloomberg Law


Case: Patents/Anticipation & Obviousness (P.T.A.B.). By Bloomberg Law Automation. June 3, 2022, 9:22 AM. Challenged claims of Bell Semiconductor ...

5. Sysmex's Blood-Analyzer Patents Should Be Upheld, Judge Says - Bloomberg Law

Domain: | Companies: Danaher

Two Sysmex Corp. patents related to blood-sample analyzers should survive validity challenges brought by Danaher Corp.

6. Keith Dmochowski: Berks' Best 2022 Mathematics winner Nikita Patel already has patents


Keith Dmochowski: Berks' Best 2022 Mathematics winner Nikita Patel already has patents. Keith Dmochowski, Reading Eagle, Pa.

7. Apple patents "spy camera" - The Times Hub

Domain: | Companies: Apple

Apple patents 'spy camera'. Photo: Apple is exploring the possibility of installing a hidden camera in smart watches Apple Watch ...

8. Firm sues Samsung over basic battery tech, could have far-reaching impact - Android Authority

Domain: | Companies: IBM, Samsung

K.Mizra is a firm that licenses “high value, high quality patents with a global reach” from the likes of IBM, Sharp, and various research ...

9. Over 64,000 ambulances spent an hour at hospitals before offloading patients


Mr Hall said ambulances being tied up is "inhumane" and it is putting patents at risk. He said there are a number of ambulances that need to be ...

10. 'We Are Choosing Death': Byanyima, Stiglitz Slam WTO Inaction on Vaccine Patents


... companies have played in preventing governments from waiving patents and expanding the production of publicly funded vaccines and therapeutics.

11. Yamaha Patents MotoGP's Seamless Gearbox For Road Use: Advantages & Disadvantages


Yamaha Patents MotoGP's Seamless Gearbox For Road Use: Advantages & Disadvantages; How Does It. For example, MotoGP has inspired so many technologies ...

12. Orange Book Express - Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News


Rating: Very good. Strong Points: Easy to search for drugs and patents; functions on app are clearly explained. Weak Points: Some external links ...

13. Kanye West Patents "YEEZUS" for NFTs, Cosmetics, Retail Stores - Highsnobiety


Kanye West Patents "YEEZUS" for NFTs, Cosmetics, Retail Stores. You Like NFTs, Don't You, Kanye? 1 hour ago in CultureWords By Jake Silbert.

14. Commissioner of Patents Had Authority to Review IPRs While Moonlighting as USPTO Director


On May 27, in Arthrex, Inc. v. Smith & Nephew, Inc., the Federal Circuit agreed that the Commissioner for Patents, performing the duties of the ...

15. PTAB Axes 2 Masimo Corp. Patents Involved In Apple Row - Law360

Domain: | Companies: Apple

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has thrown out claims that Apple challenged in a pair of patents owned by medical device maker Masimo Corp., ...

16. Understanding the JPO Japanese appeal system and the differences from other countries


patents, trademarks, designs – is to gain patents or registrations at the examination level without filing appeals due to the cost and the time ...

17. Spark of genius: human vs machine - Lexology


In Commissioner of Patents v Thaler[2], Dr Thaler filed a patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty for an invention entitled “food ...

18. PTO Re-Opens to Public - Lexology


Coronavirus · USA · Patents. Back to Top. Resources. Daily newsfeed · Commentary · Q&A · Research hubs · Learn · In-depth · Lexy: AI search.

19. Huawei ranks #1 in new 5G patent survey | Light Reading

Domain: | Companies: Huawei

However, in the still-evolving market for 5G patents, the situation is very different, according to Tech+IP. The firm positioned China's Huawei at ...

20. 5 Apple iCar Patents That Reveal What the Electric Car Might Be - MakeUseOf

Domain: | Companies: Apple

If you want to know how Apple's self-driving car is shaping up, we've dug out some of the most intriguing patents.

21. Lamborghini Files Trademark For Revuelto, Could Be Name For Future EV -

Domain: | Companies: HP

2023 Mercedes-AMG One Debuts: F1 Powered With 1,049 HP, Goes 219 MPH. About this article. Category. Patents and Trademarks. Make. Lamborghini ...

22. Huawei patents a laptop that comes without a display or a keyboard - NotebookCheck

Domain: | Companies: Huawei

One of Huawei's latest patents filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) describes what it calls the "detachable electronic device", ...

23. Readers sound off on prescription drugs, the Rangers and baby formula - NY Daily News


These patents are designed to make it difficult for another company to manufacture a more affordable biosimilar of Humira without violating patent law ...

24. A new Infographic breaks down Q1 2022 Global Smartphone Shipments by Market Region ...

Domain: | Companies: Apple

Continuation Patents (83) · 2. Granted Patents (1602) · 3. Patently Legal (753) · 4. Trademark, Design Patents (793) · 5. Apple News (3072) · 5.

25. Apple has Published a new AirPods with Spatial Audio Ad

Domain: | Companies: Apple

Continuation Patents (83) · 2. Granted Patents (1602) · 3. Patently Legal (753) · 4. Trademark, Design Patents (793) · 5. Apple News (3070) · 5.

26. NIT Srinagar organizes awareness workshop on innovation and start-ups - Rising Kashmir


Sehgal stressed on filing patents is also important because it provides its owner with the right to exclude others from exploiting the patented ...

27. New US*MADE Analysis Finds Very Few Patents Held by Small Inventors Are Ever Subject ...


USPTO reviewed patents of just 13 small inventors and individuals in 2021. WASHINGTON, DC, June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire ...

28. Taiwan firm focus of US patent probe - Taipei Times


... televisions containing the parts allegedly designed with patents belonging to the complainants, the ITC said in a statement on Wednesday.

29. Patents for GM crops lead us to dangerous territory | The National


... he – and to be fair many other commentators – is ignoring a large financial elephant looming at the periphery of these discussions: patents.

30. Finland saves as some drug prices drop 98% | News | Yle Uutiset


Drug patents are typically valid for 20 years after invention. Generic alternatives were immediately available in Kela's reference price system, which ...

31. Nikon Refuses to Comment on RED's Lawsuit, and That's Not Good - Y.M.Cinema


... RED Sues Nikon Over Infringement of Compressed RAW Patents May 27, 2022; Documentary Filmmaking With Canon Cinema EOS Cameras May 26, 2022 ...