Patent News for Wednesday 3rd August 2022

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Aug 03rd 2022

1. 'What's wrong with having lots of patents?' Federal appeals judge sides with AbbVie in Humira case

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Its original patent expired in 2016 — however, AbbVie has obtained 132 additional patents related to the drug, the last of which runs out in 2034.

2. How many patents granted in Northbrook in week ending July 23? - North Cook News


The patent was for a commercial insurance growth data for agents. The patent was filed on November 6, 2020. The number of approved patents in the U.S. ...

3. Geely Denies Plagiarizing Technology From Chery - Pandaily


They also claimed that Geely had applied for patents later than Chery for its hybrid technology, and that the DHT Pro patents are practical ...

4. The Death of Business-Method Patents - IEEE Spectrum


Patents were being issued for using a laser pointer to tease a cat and for a way of playing on a child's swing. (No joke—the patents were actually ...

5. Democrats' backdoor crackdown on pharma "gaming" - Axios


Democrats' drug pricing plan could end drugmakers' practice of taking out overlapping patents around one drug — a strategy which fends off ...

6. Kurin, Inc. Statement Regarding Patent Litigation | News |


Magnolia Medical originally asserted four patents in the case. By the time of the trial, all of these patents were dropped, except one having only two ...

7. Roche wins appeal to overturn $137M lab-testing patent infringement penalty


The patents were originally owned by Meso's predecessor, IGEN International, which licensed the technology to Roche in a 2003 nonexclusive agreement.

8. AbbVie, bracing for biosim impact, scores another win against Humira antitrust allegations

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With 132 patents for Humira, AbbVie has faced its share of critics alleging antitrust violations. Now, an appeals court ruled that AbbVie's Humira ...

9. Sony Patents Gaming Analogue With a Non-Newtonian Fluid System - Glitched


Sony Patents Gaming Analogue With a Non-Newtonian Fluid System. Sony has filed a new patent for an analogue stick system that produced haptic ...

10. Apple AirPods Infringe Pinn Patents, Jury Told As Trial Opens - Law360

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The patents-in-suit in the case are U.S. Patents No. 10,455,066, also referred to as the "mobile system with wireless earbud"; and No. 10,609,198, ...

11. Canon Gets ITC To Ban Imports On Infringing Toner Cartridges - Law360


... Trade Commission has issued a general exclusion order blocking the import of any toner cartridges that infringe certain Canon patents.

12. BEN Group Closes H1 2022 With Continued Growth, Client Expansion, and AI Patents and ...


BEN Group Closes H1 2022 With Continued Growth, Client Expansion, and AI Patents and Breakthroughs. By 08/02/2022.

13. Personalis Sues Foresight Diagnostics, Alleging Patent Infringement


The firm sued Foresight, saying it infringed patents related to whole genome-enabled, tumor-informed molecular residual disease testing.