Patent News for Saturday 10th July 2021

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Jul 10th 2021

1. China tops world in AI patents: minister


China ranks first in the world in the number of artificial intelligence (AI) patents, Xiao Yaqing, minister of Industry and Information Technology, said on ...

2. S&T minister asks DST to set up India's first National Science and Technology Research University


... law was made less regulatory and more incentive oriented, which not only led to ease of working but also reduced time taken for improving patents.

3. Payments, Authentication, and Patents: This Week's Top Stories


Zighra now owns several patents for on-device behavioral biometrics, and has tracked its leadership in the space with more than 100 forward citations ...

4. Mayenne-based Zhou Group is offering a deal worth more than $ 1 billion in the United States


We receive a number of emails from companies asking for patents, and they send us an email describing the innovative nature. They will send you a ...

5. Intellectual Property Rights and the Covid jab


... Union and numerous countries have also joined in reconsidering their decision to waive IP protections and patents on coronavirus vaccines.

6. Dr Jitendra proposes India's first National Science Research University


... made less regulatory and more incentive oriented, which not only leads to ease of working but also reduces time taken for improving the patents.

7. It will be a long time before non-patent professionals utilise IP analytics


Then there is the fact that there is no way to group patents within specific technology areas. Currently we rely on CPC or IPC codes, which are vague ...

8. Xiaomi Receives A Galaxy Z Flip-Like Phone Patent


Xiaomi has added a new one to its foldable phone patents. The brand, which has been intriguing with the patents of many interesting models, has now ...

9. Lloyd Raymond White

Domain: | Companies: 3M

His patents were for intellectual chemical engineering processes, primarily at 3M. Outside of work, Lloyd greatly enjoyed camping in the Boundary ...