Patent News for Sunday 18th July 2021

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Jul 18th 2021

1. Huawei collides with highway as Volkswagen signs 30 million vehicles to carry 4G • Register

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... issued Wednesday, includes a license for Huawei's 4G standard essential patents for Volkswagen vehicles equipped with wireless technology.

2. UCAP Power, Inc. acquires assets from Maxwell Technologies


... Technologies Korea, the Korean-based ultracapacitor business, as well as other related assets including the Maxwell brand and system patents and ...

3. Are 5% of All US Issued Patents Presumed to Be Unenforceable Under Laches Due to Their ...


Cir. 2021). This case pertained to the laches defense raised by the USPTO when Hyatt filed an action under 35 U.S.C. § 145 to obtain four patents ...

4. UAE Golden Visa: Who other than businessmen and investors can apply

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Patents must be approved by Ministry of Economy. > Exceptional talents must be documented by patents or a scientific research published in a ...

5. Will Patents Become More Political? The PTO Begins to Implement Arthrex


In the interim, the Secretary of Commerce appointed Drew Hirshfeld, who had been serving as Commissioner for Patents, as Acting Director.



Patents awarded to Arkansans. July 13, 2021. Patent 11,058,113 B1. Fly and Pupa Insecticide. Issued to Mark Smith of Jacksonville and Anthony ...