Patent News for Sunday 25th July 2021

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Jul 25th 2021

1. Italian-Albanian Agreement on Driving Licenses Postponed


The Italian Embassy informs that there have been problems in the conversion of Albanian and Italian patents. Despite the fact that the Albania-Italy ...



Patents awarded to Arkansans. July 20, 2021. Patent 11,065,519 B1. Putting Skill Game. Issued to Nicholas A. Bahash of Rogers. Patent 11,066,134 ...

3. CONLEY, Ralph


Ralph traveled the globe conducting business and his business ventures included MIM Industries, Egoware, Direct Business Technologies, RC Patents, ...

4. OPPO patents two new wireless charging pads similar to Apple's Magsafe and Realme's MagDart


Qi chargers are prone to power loss during transfer due to improper or inadequate alignment. Even though not much is known about the patents, the ...

5. Robert Clemens "Bob" Miller


He authored articles in many professional publications and held three U.S. patents. Bob had a second career as an actor/vocalist. A member of Screen ...

6. Mark Terlecke


... he became known for using his creativity and engineering skills to focus on innovations and product improvement, resulting in several U.S. patents.

7. A Patent Infringement Lawsuit has been filed against Apple for Selling a Third-Party Smart Bottle ...

Domain: | Companies: Apple

The patents were originally owned by Kathryn and Howard Wernow. Xennial IP acquired these patents for the sole purpose of suing other companies, ...

8. UIPS Professor Indu Pal Kaur granted five patents in 2020-21


In total, currently, she has to her credit, 9 Indian and 1 US granted patents (10) and has filed 20 patents. Emphasis of her work lies on Industrial and ...

9. Kerala vet doc gets patent for biodiesel from chicken waste


After waiting for more than seven years, John Abraham, a veterinary-doctor-turned-inventor, has finally received the patents for inventing biodiesel ...