Patent News for Sunday 19th November 2023

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Nov 19th 2023

1. Oura sues Indian wearables startup Ultrahuman over patent infringement - Times of India


... patents. Oura alleges that Ultrahuman used former employees and investors to develop its competing product. The Finnish startup also accused ...

2. Developments in dry toner digital printing - Packaging South Asia


Since 2018/2019, the ratio of toner patents to inkjet patents has increased significantly. The dry toner process has a consistently high potential ...

3. LAWSUIT: Lian Li vs. Phanteks & Thermaltake | Special Report - YouTube


... Patents 04:13 - The Timeline: Corsair, Phanteks, & Thermaltake 06:32 - Investigation & Unearthing Secrets 10:31 - Physical Comparison: UNI Fan vs ...

4. The Astonishing Lighting Design of the Audi Q8: An Innovative Perspective


Patents need to be created, ideas tested and refined. And that is exactly what Stas and his team have been doing. In the case of the Q8, the ...

5. Notre Dame start-up Nearwave wins annual commercialization award - South Bend Tribune


... patents or made invention disclosures over the last calendar year. In all, 22 inventors were awarded 31 U.S. Patents in 2022. One 133 inventors ...

6. Bristol-Myers Eliquis battles; Indian FRAND rate setting; IAM Global Leaders; Lenovo sues Asus

Domain: | Companies: Lenovo

Regeneron asserts swathe of patents in latest Eylea ... Policy: US policymakers wading through stakeholder feedback on patents and technology standards.

7. Delhi High Court Allows Nokia's Global FRAND Rate Claim Against Oppo - Nokiamob


Oppo challenged Nokia's suit on various grounds, such as jurisdiction, validity, essentiality, and infringement of the patents, as well as the FRAND ...

8. Google and Qualcomm Reps Butt Heads on Impact of eBay -

Domain: | Companies: Qualcomm, eBay, Google

... patents could be at least partially invalid, about half of all patents are granted to non-U.S. entities, and patent examiners have only about 19 ...

9. Unstoppable Domains and ENS Clash Over Blockchain Domain Patents - CryptoPotato


The letter claims that the patent lacks original innovations and questions the irony of supporting open innovation while pursuing patents mirroring ...