Patent News for Saturday 25th November 2023

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Nov 25th 2023

1. Samsung Beats Apple as the Most Innovative Company [2023] - The Web Writer Spotlight

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... patents and R&D expenses ... patents and R&D expenses. inovative_companies_samsung_expo_people. In a world faced with continuous change, companies need ...

2. Indian Research Team Gets Uk Patent For Ortho Device | Aurangabad News - Times of India


The researchers made the application at the Comptroller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, an intellectual property office in UK, in July.

3. Phase II Project of Line 19 applies high-tech and smart


In the process, 77 utility model patents and 20 invention patents have been applied for related technical standards, and one company standard has been ...

4. Ford's SUV you drive standing up, Toyota's tear gas dispensers, BMW's car wash robot


This Top 5 weird car patents and ideas could have just all been from Ford - that's how prodigious the brand with the blue oval is when it comes to ...

5. Affle files 15 patents in India, strengthens its global tech IP portfolio -


... patents in India. These newly filed patents cover advanced artificial intelligence (AI) subject areas, including automated AI agents, pers.

6. Why Sonos sued Google? - TickerTV News

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A: Patents are exclusive rights granted to inventors for their inventions. They provide legal protection, preventing others from using, making, or ...

7. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lawsuits (BitLaw)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Patents. The following list includes some of the more important pending lawsuits and court decisions involving ...

8. Nissan to make 3 EVs at Sunderland, Samsung patents glasses - ShinyShiny

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Nissan to make 3 EVs at Sunderland, Samsung patents glasses · Nissan and its partners have announced a £2bn plan to build three electric car models at ...

9. ETaker's M2000 Power Station is lighter, quieter, and more versatile than its competitors


To date, the ETaker has achieved 45 invention patents and 25 design patents, earning 13 different accolades around the globe, including a ...

10. Philips Hit With Baby Monitor Tech Patent Infringement Suit - Bloomberg Law News


Philips North America LLC baby monitors are accused of infringing two patents covering inter-device connection by the non-practicing entity that ...

11. Ferrari patents car with a two-joystick steering system -


Ferrari patents car with a two-joystick steering system. The Italian luxury car maker is looking to challenge the traditional steering wheel design ...