Patent News for Sunday 11th February 2024

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Feb 11th 2024

1. Jay Electronica Alleges He Inspired Kanye West's "Bound 2" Production | Complex


... Patents of Nobility (The Turn). According to Jay Elec, Kanye went to visit him overseas where he first heard the song. nexgen3K. 385 subscribers.

2. John Fulcher Obituary (2024) - San Antonio, TX - San Antonio Express-News -


... patents and shared the role of inventor with teammates in four other patents. Throughout life, John had a love for sports, competing in youth ...

3. Philip K. Pearson, Jr. - Hartford Courant


Phil made many innovative contributions to the advancement of precision bearing technology, including two patents and several technical publications.

4. Feedgy obtains the world's first agricultural photovoltaic panel patent and launches it on the market


Technology development and patents. After a decade of dedicated research and development, Feedgy was awarded nine patents in the process of ...

5. Fiji Patents And Markets The World's First Agrivoltaic Panel - Nation World News


After a decade dedicated to research and development, FEEDJI has obtained 9 patents in the process of creating HS-B96 AgriPV, a panel known for its ...

6. John Fulcher Obituary (1949 - 2024) - Dallas, TX


... patents and shared the role of inventor with teammates in four other patents. John had a love for sports, competing in youth baseball, high school ...

7. Colombia's Bold Move: Compulsory License for Key HIV Drug Challenges Pharmaceutical Patents


... has sparked debates about access to essential medication and pharmaceutical patents. This article explores the implications for global healthcare.

8. IP Hall of Fame; Oppo interview; Nanostring bankruptcy; Nokia 5G renewals - IAM


Opinion: Patents make it easier to watch the Super Bowl and keep players safe. Related Topics. International · Patents · Trade secrets. Rachel ...

9. CAFC Says Dialogue with Intended Audience Establishes Publication for Prior Art Purposes


Weber challenged claims of both patents for obviousness based on combinations of U.S. patent filings and operating manuals that were distributed by ...

10. TSMC top applicant for patents for eighth year - Taipei Times


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC, ???), the world's largest contract chipmaker, applied for the most patents ... patents — and invention ...

11. Loveland's Culinary and Technological Revolution: Compassion, Community, and Innovation


Frank's BBQ offers classes, Cheri Brandt wins Daisy Award, Human Bean donates to cancer fighters, and Loveland companies secure tech patents.

12. Nintendo's New Patents Offer Exciting Possibilities for Future Games - ISP Today

Domain: | Companies: Nintendo

... patents from last year. One of the patents filed by Nintendo is for a game called Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This patent explores the multiplayer ...